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1. A perennial aroid plant (Amorphophallus konjac) of East and Southeast Asia having a single large compound leaf, a purple or dark red spathe, and starchy corms.
2. The edible corm of this plant or the starch derived from it, sometimes used as a dietary supplement. In both senses also called devil's tongue, konnyaku.

[Ultimately from Japanese konnyaku, from Early Middle Chinese kuə̆' ŋı̷ak : kuə̆', betel leaf (also the source of Mandarin ) + ŋı̷ak, rush used to make mats (also the source of Mandarin ruò).]
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I'd go for vegetables, but if you can't resist, there's low-glycemic and low-calorie shirataki noodles, or good ole rice!
Fellow player Saitaku has reported a 40% increase in sales of its konjac shirataki noodles this year.
The diet comprises fatty meats (e.g., red meat, salmon), certain types of oils (e.g., olive oil), low-carbohydrate vegetables (e.g., broccoli, avocado), certain dairy products (cheese, Greek yogurt), eggs, nuts and seeds, berries, butters and creams, olives, and even shirataki noodles.
On the other hand, in 2016 Government of Japan decided to keep open Kyu Shirataki train station in Hokkaido Island, in remote area of north of the country, so that (her) sole passenger 'a teenage girl' could commute to school at 35 minutes journey away from her home.
Total calories per 2 TB serving: 110 Carbohydrates: 1 gram Sodium: 125 milligrams Fat: 12 grams Protein: <1 gram Fiber: <1 gram Yam Noodle Salad (Serves 6) A succulently flavored salad, this recipe could be considered Pan-Asian as the noodles, known as konjac or shirataki, are native to Japan, China, and Indonesia.
Sprouts even put together a guide to "good-tasting" gluten-free items it carries on its shelves, naming brands such as Schar Breads, House Foods Noodles Shirataki, Bakery on Main True Bars, Pamela's Pancake Mix and Amy's Pizza.
One specific type of noodle, shirataki, is made from the flour of a white yam, meaning it's extremely low in calories and carbohydrates.
Shirataki, "New biological activities of Rhinacanthins from the root of Rhinacanthus nasutus," Anticancer Research, vol.
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