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(ˈʃiːˈtsuː) or


(Breeds) a small dog of a breed derived from crossing the Pekingese and the Tibetan apso. It has a long straight dense coat and carries its tail curled over its back
[from Chinese, literally: lion]
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Noun1.shih-tzu - a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a PekingeseShih-Tzu - a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a Pekingese
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
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SANTA PAWS: Tash Sherlock from | |Moreton with Izzy, 3, a Shitzu Chiwawa
ONE of my shitzu dogs has a cough and sneeze which show only when he gets excited.
When she tried to take her own life last week she instead poisoned the family dog because the Shitzu was making too much noise.
Because the kind great-grandma is feeding him grub bought for her pet shitzu, Mac.
Max is being kept company by his pet Shitzu dog George and is sent schoolwork at home.
I went to the zoo the other day, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu.
Le caniche Charlie et le shitzu Suki, eux, sont totalement indifferents, s'approchent parfois de la table et repartent.
She says that the person who sold her the dogs said they were Shitzus, "but there's nothing Shitzu about them," she raves.
Minutes earlier I had picked up the dog, Harry, a 10-year-old Shitzu, from the window sill and taken him out the back.
Dog wardens think it may be a Shitzu but due to matted hair and an infection it is hard to tell.
HAMISH Hamish is a shitzu who lives with Archie and Elaine Barr in Paisley, Renfrewshire.
TWO months ago we noticed that our two small Shitzu dogs were missing from our garden.