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 (lĭng′gəm) also lin·ga (lĭn′gə)
n. Hinduism
A stylized phallus worshiped as a symbol of the god Shiva.

[Sanskrit liṅgam, mark, penis.]


(ˈlɪŋɡəm) or


1. (in Sanskrit grammar) the masculine gender
2. (Hinduism)
a. the Hindu phallic image of the god Siva
b. the penis
[C18: from Sanskrit]


(ˈlɪŋ gəm)

also lin•ga

(ˈlɪŋ gə)

(in popular Hinduism) a phallus, symbol of Shiva.
Compare yoni.
[< Skt liṅga mark, gender, phallus]
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Noun1.lingam - the Hindu phallic symbol of Sivalingam - the Hindu phallic symbol of Siva  
symbol - an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
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On this day devotees worship and offer sacrifices to Shivalingam as part of their prayers to the god.
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THERE is good news for pilgrims preparing this year for the Amarnath Yatra -- the Shivalingam has taken its full form.
Tenders are invited for restoration of shivalingam kunta, fasalwadi(v), sangareddy(m), sangareddy district
Dr Saleh Al Khusaiby, Dean Oman Medical College was the chief guest and he felicitated the distinguished speakers from abroad Dr Arun Kumar from Auckland University, New Zealand, Prof Kishore from Australia, Dr Aravind Shenoi from India and local speakers Dr Prakash Manikoth from Royal Hospital, Dr Paresh Soni from Sur Hospital and Dr Emad El Din Abdel Aziz Sadek Ahmed and Dr Kallesh Hebbal and Dr G Shivalingam from Sohar Hospital.