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 (skôp′yā′, -yĕ) also Skop·lje (-lā′, -lyĕ)
The capital of Macedonia, in the northern part of the country on the Vardar River. Dating from Roman times, it was under Turkish control from 1392 until 1912. The city was incorporated into Yugoslavia after World War I and in 1946 became the capital of the constituent republic of Macedonia, which declared its independence in 1991.


(Placename) the capital of (the Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia, on the Vardar River: became capital of Serbia in 1346 and of Macedonia in 1945; suffered a severe earthquake in 1963; university (1949). Pop: 449 000 (2005 est). Serbian name: Skoplje Turkish name (1392–1913): Üsküb


(ˈskɔp yɛ)

the capital of Macedonia, in the N part. 504,932. Serbo-Croatian, Skop•lje (ˈskɔp lyɛ)
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Noun1.Skopje - capital of modern MacedoniaSkopje - capital of modern Macedonia    
Macedonia - landlocked republic on the Balkan Peninsula; achieved independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
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