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The entry of the shock-headed servant-girl to lay the cloth, followed by Mrs.
He was apparently about forty years of age, a long, shock-headed fellow, with a corded face, a gnarled arm and a knotty hand like a bunch of prison-keys.
Imagine it: Those rigid, shock-headed figures, with corpsy complexions and fish glass eyes, occupying one side of the table in the constrained attitudes and dead fixedness that distinquish all men that are born of wax, and this wrinkled, smoldering old fire-eater occupying the other side, mumbling her prayers and munching her sausages in the ghostly stillness and shadowy indistinctness of a winter twilight.
Like a sneak-thief, too, emerges a shock-headed navigator in his shirt-sleeves.
"I've been blown up once," the shock-headed man cries, hoarsely, as a dog barking.
Then he and eight other gentlemen of about the same age went down in a body to Kew one Saturday, with the idea of hiring a boat there, and pulling to Richmond and back; one of their number, a shock-headed youth, named Joskins, who had once or twice taken out a boat on the Serpentine, told them it was jolly fun, boating!
Kit was a shock-headed, shambling, awkward lad with an uncommonly wide mouth, very red cheeks, a turned-up nose, and certainly the most comical expression of face I ever saw.
There was something singularly attractive about this shock-headed youth.
A shock-headed man with a disposition as open as a Panhandle prairie, he was as ready to fight as an Irishman at a Dutchman's picnic; and where the wishes of Bijah Catlow were crossed he recognized the laws of neither God nor man.
"Dad would then vigorously de-grease his hands on to my poor brother's hair, producing a shock-headed appearance.
"Dad would then vigorously de-grease his hands onto my poor brother's hair, producing a shock-headed appearance.
Producers also had to scrap a scene they tested in which shock-headed duo Bert and Ernie barked at each other.