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n.1.The parting of the hair on the head.
Full straight and even lay his jolly shode.
- Chaucer.
2.The top of the head; the head.
1.See Shoad, Shoading.
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<<agar tavafoghi hasel shavad , ma miguim ke yek pesar moteveled shode. Agar tavafoghi dar kar nabud, ma miguim ke yek dokhtar be donya amade.>> nazar dadam: <<cheghadr mard salarane !>> Ama hich kas gush nadad.
Shode, "Ubiquitous ursolic acid: a potential pentacyclic triterpene natural product," International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical, vol.
zakolen obsluhy kupujcho a predn dokladu, kter se k dodvanmu zbo vztahuj, zejmna prohlen o shode a nvod k obsluze v ceskm jazyce v titen i elektronick podobe, zrucnho servisu a dle dle ostatnch podmnek zadvac dokumentace.
Baad az baran Aftab shode Va ghatrehay baran Sar shakhehay derakht Mesl setareha Cheshmak mizanand (Jallali 194; [2])
The night will also feature a number of artists including Dooset Daram, Hame Donyam, Didani Shodi, Ta Hala Shode, Mano Sazam, Barf, Chi Shodeh, Ehsas, Zendegie Man, Oxygen and Mano Baroon.
Shode, "Phenylalanine is the predominant antisickling agent in Cajanus cajan seed extract," Planta Medica, vol.
She noted that a groop of protestors shode up to leed a drive to make speling wurds simpler, claming that our currant langwidge keeps 40 persent of us from lurning how to reed, rite and spel.
The sleere of hymself yet saugh I ther-- His herte-blood hath bathed al his heer-- The nayl ydryven in the shode anyght; The colde deeth, with mouth gapyng upright.