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 (sho͞o′gā′zĭng) or shoe·gaze (-gāz′)
A genre of popular music characterized by droning, electronically modified sounds, typically performed and listened to motionlessly with the eyes cast downward in introspection and often under the influence of psychoactive substances.
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One time kings of quiet, shoe gazing indie, B&S have gradually come out of their shells, now doing their own take on everything from mo-town to straight up pop.
They describe themselves as inspired by "lush, shoe gazing melodies", and they're evident - but with a twist.
STEEPED in an era when shoe gazing was a music-related compliment, The Organ are five ladies from Canada who could easily be sisters of label mates The Passions, best known for 1981 hit I'm In Love With A German Film Star.
The tour showcases their new album, the Heartlight Set which sees them move away from the dense shoe gazing style of indie pop which typified their previous albums American Whip and Stereo & God (some of which appears on this record).
This one is a voice for indie rock, and if you know me, I am not a huge fan of "indie rock," nor am I a fan of shoe gazing, hair products for men, wimpy music that sounds like little boys crying, caring too much about what I wear, contemplating suicide, passive aggressiveness, the whole "bring-back-the-nerds" deal, Spin magazine, gossip, and run on sentences.
We wanted to record songs that connect with the heart more than the head- its not shoe gazing album.