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One that makes or repairs shoes.

shoe′mak′ing n.
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Noun1.shoemaking - the shoemaker's tradeshoemaking - the shoemaker's trade    
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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Unlike the slowdown in retail stores, some leather shoe makers have kept their e-commerce revenue surging since e-commerce development in 2011.
The shoe makers and tailors said load shedding are the major reasons for not taking fresh orders.
With a handmade last by Freed of London pointe shoe makers, it features a regular-strength insole, a deep, rough-cut vamp, straight-cut sides and a naturally angled platform.
But injury rates did not go down, so shoe makers then decided to invest in support and stabilisation of the feet.
Other high-end brands that have opened standalone stores in Downtown recently include clothing brand Joseph and shoe makers Roger Vivier.
Rental chain Blockbuster and shoe makers Barratts have called in administrators and Tie Rack plans to close its 44 UK stores.
Dr Sian MacRae, of Kings College London, said there was no evidence to back up medical claims made by rocker sole shoe makers.
Entrepreneurs in Aba will be ensured by the plant and environs can produce goods at full capacity and at a reduced cost and it will be commissioned at the end of the year he said I m aware that there are well over 60,000 shoe makers in Aba but they have challenges of producing at full capacity because of irregular supply of electricity, adding that as soon as the new plant is commissioned , Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) would switch off in the area because the new plant will be able to generate sustainable electricity for 365 days yearly.
a 59 991; non-specialized workers in manufacturing a 57 212; waiters/waitresses and bar staff a 55 408; administrative directors a 53216; tailors and shoe makers a 53 216; administrative specialists a 49 901.
Some shoe makers are now offering children's dance shoes.
It also rejected the bulk of China's claims on behalf of individual Chinese shoe makers and some of its more specific complaints.
At least 22 shoe makers from Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea plan to expand operation to Indonesia, an official said.