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One that makes or repairs shoes.

shoe′mak′ing n.
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Noun1.shoemaking - the shoemaker's tradeshoemaking - the shoemaker's trade    
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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The embroidery of Makran, mirror work of Quetta, Kalat, Khuzdar, Dera Bugti and Panjgor, Gold thread embroidery of Zhob and Sibi, leatherwork of Marri area, Lehri, Kalat and Turbat, Rugs and Namdas of Chaghi, Kalat, Ziarat and Pishin, Saddle bags of Bugti and Marri Tribal areas, Pottery of Dhadar, Bhag and Gulistan, perfume making of Kharan, Makran and Kalat, Wood carving of Kalat, stone carving of Nushki, Dalbandin and Quetta, Shoe making of Marri and Bugti areas, woolen products of Makran, Kharan and Chaghi, copper utensils of Loralai, jewellery of Makran, Khuzdar, Pishin, Lorali and Nushki and beadwork of Marri tribal areas.
The business woman, who juggled her cake-making business with shoe making, is reportedly thinking big as she is set to toe a new path.
KATI President Danish Khan said for achieving a favourable trade balance, he said, many untapped areas of trade and industry, particularly leather and shoe making, could be explored.
The Khyaban-e-sirsyed , where illegal businesses including recycling of plastic for shoe making, leather refining ,gas filling and scrap-trade on a large scale are rampant, has turned into a volcano that may trigger anytime and cause irrecoverable human loss, if immediate action is not taken against them.
Pakistan has inherited centuries old craftsmanship of shoe making and its popular brands like 'Khussa' a hand crafted footwear with thick leather used in uppers and soles and special stitching process, is still exported in huge quantities.
She said 80% of home based workers were women who were producing goods costing around 400 billion including textile garments to bangles, shoe making, handicrafts, jewellery, packing and items of sports.
The owners have kept the heavy machines for shoe-making as remnants of a glorious past and these are now conversation pieces in the charming restaurant, along with other memorabilia of their shoe making business.
Retrenchment from the company where he worked got him a separation pay that became the start of his venture in shoe making.
Yesterday the Townhouse art gallery gave this promising artist the opportunity to revive and glorify the craft of shoe making. Nagy comes from a family of shoe-makers, and for two consecutive generations his family excelled in one of the nation's main micro-industries.
The other alternative - also not addressed by the major parties - is an economy which is based on sustainability, less reliance on imported goods and the nurturing of small and medium sized businesses serving local needs - including shoe making.
Having invested millions of pounds to create one of the most advanced shoe making facilities in the world, Hotter is creating the next generation of comfort footwear in its Lancashire factory.
Among those present were eight Brazilian firms, giants in the country's textile and shoe making industries.