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 (sho͞o′gā′zĭng) or shoe·gaze (-gāz′)
A genre of popular music characterized by droning, electronically modified sounds, typically performed and listened to motionlessly with the eyes cast downward in introspection and often under the influence of psychoactive substances.
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If I had to describe our music in one sentence, I'd say 21st century Krautrock for shoegazing space cadets.
Admittedly, it's R&B by way of shoegazing electronica, but you can feel that swelter in the song, the way the chorus curls around her lips.
Known for their use of distortion, pitch bending, and digital reverse reverb, My Bloody Valentine's musical progression resulted in the band creating and pioneering an alternative rock subgenre known as shoegazing.
Signed to Creation Records, MBV influenced a wave of shoegazing acts, including Slowdive, Lush and Ride and, although many see 1991 as the year of Nirvana's Nevermind, for others, it's best known for MBV's second album, Loveless.
So did their songs, which build upon a black metal foundation of buzzing guitars and gut-wrenching howls to reveal swaths of shoegazing melody and chiming post-rock meanderings.
Friday's 2-1 defeat to Wales has led to another festival of shoegazing among those who follow Scotland just when it was felt Gordon Strachan would provide a welcome boost in his second game after the lack of adventure that characterised Craig Levein's regime.
Sonic Youth's guitarist Thurston Moore's new band does more of the same shoegazing, grungy guitars drenched in distortion.
com states, “In Space composes atmospheric and haunting songs often in typical shoegazing style, achieved by the significant use of echoing effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blend into the creative turbulence of piano and guitar riffs.
Let's try to forgive the US band its name and move on to their brand of soft, shoegazing indie guitar that's harkening back to those increasingly far-off days of the mid 1990s.
THURSTON MOORE DEMOLISHED THOUGHTS THURSTON Moore may not be a household name, but his band Sonic Youth helped define a generation of shoegazing, psychedelic grunge at their peak in the late Eighties and early Nineties.
Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts THURSTON MOORE may not be a household name, but his band, Sonic Youth, helped define shoegazing, psychedelic grunge in the late Eighties and early Nineties.
With thumping drumbeat, shoegazing guitar solos and nimble lyrics, this shining star hearkens back to German band Wir Sind Helden, while bearing clear traces of Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica.