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 (sho͞o′gā′zĭng) or shoe·gaze (-gāz′)
A genre of popular music characterized by droning, electronically modified sounds, typically performed and listened to motionlessly with the eyes cast downward in introspection and often under the influence of psychoactive substances.
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It drew on influences as diverse as shoegazing and heavy metal, dream pop and punk.
The event, hosted by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob, had over 50 entries from around the world, of which 10 world renowned shoemakers exhibited their shoes at the main event held at London.
There were more than 15 people who were on-standby inside and literally shoegazing as there was nothing much to do, with no band on the stage.
Taking its title from the album by 90s rockers Blur, this shoegazing indie drama plays out to the music of London's post-Britpop era.
VVGOOGLING a runner Psychocandy 4.30 Ludlow The debut album by Scottish band The Jesus And Mary Chain, Psychocandy was released in 1985 and is considered a precursor to the shoegazing genre of indie music in Britain.
Shoegazing legends Ride are the latest headliners to be added to this year's Green Man bill.
Then we have Lush, who didn't have any dates up here, and I love their dreamier, shoegazing side so we really wanted them on the bill.
Acide Amer hears them reach their shoegazing best, harking back to the late Nineties with a laid back twist on the ambient craze.
I'm not one of those players who can look away from the guitar too much so I just get my head down and get on with it - I invented shoegazing!
Cavern Club, Mathew Street, Liverpool, 0151 236 9091, - Fri, Oct 23 Focus Citadel Arts Centre, The Citadel, St Helens, 01744 735436, - Fri, Oct 20, PS17.50 Swim Deep O2 Academy Liverpool, Hotham Street, Liverpool, 0151 707 3200, - Thu, Oct 15 Ride The Oxford four piece whose recent reunion shows garnered rave reviews, tour the UK to coincide with the 25th anniversary of their debut album 'Nowhere', considered by many as one of the greatest albums of the 'shoegazing' era.