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also shoot-out  (sho͞ot′out′)
a. A gunfight.
b. A battle between military forces.
c. Slang A dispute or conflict to settle a disagreement: The marriage ended in a legal shootout.
2. Sports
a. A high-scoring period or game.
b. A means of resolving a tie in sports such as soccer and hockey, in which selected players from each team alternately take individual shots on a goal defended only by a goalie.



a gunfight that must end in defeat for one side or the other.
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Noun1.shootout - a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frightenshootout - a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten
fighting, combat, fight, scrap - the act of fighting; any contest or struggle; "a fight broke out at the hockey game"; "there was fighting in the streets"; "the unhappy couple got into a terrible scrap"
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Anwar gained prominence in recent years for several shootouts with alleged terrorists in which neither him nor any of his team members were hurt.
I studied penalty shootouts at neutral venues in several competitions - the World Cup, European Championship, Copa America, Africa Cup of Nations, Champions League, Europa League and Uefa Cup, Cup Winners' Cup, FA Cup, League Cup and Football League playoffs.
ENGLAND hold the wooden spoon in World Cup penalty shootouts having lost three out of three of them in finals tournaments: 1990, 1998 and 2006.
We practiced shootouts, so I thought we would score more than three out of seven," chief coach Neil Hawgood said.
In this paper we ask whether the failure to perform under pressure extends beyond soccer shootouts.
UAA organizers of the Iongtime Thanksgiving week basketball tournament have plans to use State-approved funds to inject new energy for future Shootouts.
Since penalties were introduced in 1982 to decide matches that remained drawn after extra time, there have been 20 shootouts in seven tournaments.
Germany have proved most clinical, winning all four shootouts they have been involved in.
SAN JOSE - Shootouts in the NHL might not be a 50-50 proposition.
PROVIDENCE - After yesterday's defeat, Worcester is 4-6 in shootouts this season, which is not the worst record in the AHL, but not a very good record, either.
Also, since shootouts often include larger committees than those that evaluate products in a standard way, multiple opinions can be a hindrance.
in Altanta, "We learned not to put the instruments so close together and that we should have GPS Shootouts at other times of the year [when the satellites can be contacted later in the day] so we don't have to get up so early.