shopping mall

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shopping mall

1. An urban shopping area limited to pedestrians.
2. A shopping center with stores and businesses facing a system of enclosed walkways for pedestrians.

shopping mall

(Commerce) a large enclosed shopping centre


(mɔl; Brit. also mæl for 4 )

1. a large retail complex containing stores and restaurants in adjacent buildings or in a single large building.
2. an urban street lined with shops and closed off to motor vehicles.
3. a large area with shade trees used as a public walk or promenade.
4. a strip of land separating two roadways.
[1635–45; by ellipsis from pall-mall]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mall - mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisersshopping mall - mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace; "a good plaza should have a movie house"; "they spent their weekends at the local malls"
food court - an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area)
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
مَرْكِز تِجاري كَبير
nákupní areál
obchodné nákupné stredisko
nakupovalno središče


(ʃop) noun
1. a place where goods are sold. a baker's shop.
2. a workshop, or a place where any kind of industry is carried on. a machine-shop.
verbpast tense, past participle shopped
(often go shopping) to visit shops for the purpose of buying. We shop on Saturdays; She goes shopping once a week.
ˈshopper noun
1. a person who is shopping. The street was full of shoppers.
2. a large bag used when shopping.
ˈshopping noun
1. the activity of buying goods in shops. Have you a lot of shopping to do?; (also adjective) a shopping-list.
2. the goods bought. He helped her carry her shopping home; (also adjective) a shopping-basket / bag.
shop assistant (American ˈsalesclerk, *clerk)
a person employed in a shop to serve customers.
shop floor
the workers in a factory or workshop, as opposed to the management.
ˈshopkeeper noun
a person who runs a shop of his own.
ˈshoplifter noun
a person who steals goods from a shop.
ˈshoplifting noun
shopping centre
a place, often a very large building, where there is a large number of different shops.
shopping mall noun
(also mall) (American) a shopping centre in which traffic is usually not allowed.
shop around
to compare prices, quality of goods etc at several shops before buying anything.
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It was called Hanson's Yard on the 1851 Huddersfield map and was converted into a shopping arcade between 1873 and 1875.
The 350-room property is expected to open in 2021, and will form part of a mixed-use development that includes 400 residences and a shopping arcade.
Meanwhile, Properties Investment has announced plans to develop two residential buildings and the expansion of The Market shopping arcade within the Dubai Investments Park.
A second blew himself up among civilians in a shopping arcade, killing at least two, while a third was shot dead by police before he could detonate his vest.
Hundreds of residents of Malibu Towne in sector 47 are opposing the upcoming mini beer factory installed inside the restaurant of Malibu shopping arcade on the premises.
A four-figure sum was stolen in the robbery in the Cornhill Shopping Arcade on Aberdeen's Foresterhill Road.
4m St David's Link Shopping Arcade, in February 1987
She is managing a family jewelry business, involving mostly pearls at the Greenhills Shopping Arcade, in San Juan City, Metro Manila.
WAYFARERS Shopping Arcade in Southport will host some of the Miss England 2016 finalists for a spectacular Eco fashion show The free show, on Tuesday at 12.
Trading Standards officers are continuing to investigate Geeky Kit in the Dundas Shopping Arcade, in Middlesbrough town centre and Mill Lane, Billingham.
POLICE have arrested a man on suspicion of child neglect following reports that a person tried to sell a baby in a shopping arcade.
Security guard and security services for residential complex Schlangenbader street in 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, for the Condominium Mariannenplatz in 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, residential patrol the area Gropius City, Marie Green (Marie Felde) and the shopping arcade Wutzky alarm activation for the customer center south of degewo AG and noise police for the entire area Berlin-Marzahn in stock degewo AG.