Shore birds

(Zool.) a collective name for the various limicoline birds found on the seashore.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Perhaps it was this--perhaps it was the look of the island, with its grey, melancholy woods, and wild stone spires, and the surf that we could both see and hear foaming and thundering on the steep beach--at least, although the sun shone bright and hot, and the shore birds were fishing and crying all around us, and you would have thought anyone would have been glad to get to land after being so long at sea, my heart sank, as the saying is, into my boots; and from the first look onward, I hated the very thought of Treasure Island.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at JB's Fish Camp before taking a trip to the Indian River Lagoon on a two-seater kayak, where we spotted dolphins, manatees and shore birds.
Binoculars are welcome to spot any migrant warblers or shore birds. Participants should wear appropriate clothing for walking through briers and wet soils.
Inside, you'll find exhibits focused on tidepools, shore birds, and mammals, plus a 20,000gallon aquarium filled with hundreds of creatures native to the Northwest.
All they have to do is avoid the swarm of black bass, croakers, trout, reds, stripers, mangrove snapper, shore birds, crabs, and well ...
If you're looking for a camera to stop even the flightiest of shore birds, this is for you with an incredible 14fps burst, all in focus thanks 61 AF points.
In addition, four new areas providing habitats for marine mammals, coral, migratory and shore birds, and other marine life will also be declared as Marine Protected Areas, shortly.
Shore birds and other wildlife were killed or seriously injured, and popular beaches remained closed for months as cleanup crews removed slick globs of crude from sand and water. 
5 Look out for oystercatcher and other shore birds around the Emblestones as you approach the harbour at Newton Haven.
The council have fenced off a small area of Druridge Bay, near Druridge Bay Country Park, and hopes that excluding people and dogs from this area during the summer will allow shore birds to colonise and successfully fledge their young.