Short sea

a sea in which the waves are short, broken, and irregular, so as to produce a tumbling or jerking motion.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
I remember my brother-in-law going for a short sea trip once, for the benefit of his health.
A fitful wind swept the cheerless waste, and the ship, hauled up so close as to check her way, seemed to progress by languid fits and starts against the short seas which swept along her sides with a snarling sound.
The company operates a fleet of 21 vessels on the Short Sea, North Sea and Irish Sea sectors across 11 ports and handles over 2.5 million freight units per year, accounting for approximately 75 per cent of group revenues.
"If it reaches southern Britain with a short sea track over the English Channel, the weather is characterised by clear skies and severe frost.
Although a short sea journey, it can be fatal as the unseaworthy and overloaded boats sometimes sink.
ECSA and other maritime stakeholders have joined an initiative led by the European Community Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ECASBA), sending a letter to EU Member States and the European Commission and calling for various measures to be taken in an effort to revitalize the EU's Short Sea Shipping policy, which has widely been recognized as a sustainable form of intra-European transport and a viable solution to traffic congestion.
The nine chapters in this volume detail the transport regulation and regulatory policy in Europe in terms of air, inland waterways, rail, long-distance coach services, inter-urban road freight, urban public transport, short sea shipping, and intermodal transport.
The acquisition of the feeder and short sea operator, which was inked by the buyout firm's Nordic Capital Fund VIII, is subject to competition clearance.
A pioneer in short sea shipping and founder of Wan Hai Lines in 1962, Dr.
It also arranges for transport throughout Europe via road, multimodal and short sea routes.
LCT will handle in excess of 500,000 containers this year, making it the third largest single container operation in the UK and one of the few UK ports servicing both deep sea and short sea customers.