Short suit

(Whist) any suit having only three cards, or less than three.

See also: Short

References in classic literature ?
We all three went to it, behind the wire blind, and presently saw the client go by in an accidental manner, with a murderous-looking tall individual, in a short suit of white linen and a paper cap.
Try matching up your shorts to your jacket for a streamlined look or go the whole hog and invest in a two-piece short suit.
The short suit is now available in all manner of fabrics and colours from powder blue linen through to black pinstripe cotton.
Although deeply committed to marginal peasant and urban underdog lives and unquestionably eloquent in its utilization of highly innovative cinematographic languages (it was always at its best using black and white and a silent soundtrack, since sound was always the short suit of the Cinema Novo), it was nevertheless the cultural production of urban intellectuals using costly and highly sophisticated technological resources to tell subaltern stories (i.e., to speak for the subaltern and to enable the subaltern to speak, with all of the ideological problems of such attempts) and was highly selective in what subaltern realities it chose to represent.
Red- and white-striped, terry cloth, one-piece jogging short suit from the '70s
David Dalziel your life editor 4P&J readers' remarkable tales from the Second World War The short suit is the 12 coolest way to do co-ords this summer 16 Get the glamorous, sophisticated look for your home 24 The glimmering 38 Don't miss a lights of Las thing with our Vegas continue seven-day to enthral TV guide To contact your life magazine, please call David Dalziel on 01224 343368 or email We welcome your comments and suggestions.
Massimo Dutti's officefriendly check short suit - blazer [euro]169 and shorts [euro]79.95 - worn with heels could double as a great occasion wear outfit.
To make the suit even more stylish, a short suit is very ideal.
Gold hoop earrings, PS3.99, New Look Pink collar top, PS9, Primark Embellished collar, PS7.99, New Look Embellished the printed short suit should be on every girl's shopping list for spring.
JADETHIRLWALL Wears smart short suit would make Posh spice proud.
The danger is five hearts to the king with South and North has found an inspired short suit lead.
We're loving the blush blazer and short suit, it reminds us of what Kate Moss wore to rocker pal Bobby Gillespie's wedding a few years ago.