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1. Having a wavelength of approximately 10 to 200 meters.
2. Capable of receiving or transmitting at wavelengths of approximately 10 to 200 meters: a shortwave radio.



n., adj., v. -waved, -wav•ing. n.
1. a radio wave shorter than that used in AM broadcasting, corresponding to frequencies of over 1600 kilohertz: used for long-distance reception or transmission.
3. of, pertaining to, or using shortwaves.
v.t., v.i.
4. to transmit by shortwaves.
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The short wave radio service in Balochi started operating in 1974 and now reaches several parts of Pakistan with a one hour capsule daily containing news, news commentary and cultural programmes.
The excellent BBC World Service is to expand and, for the first time, there will be a daily news broadcast on short wave radio into North Korea.
Even today, Erickson and his retired scientist father tune a short wave radio to listen to the Queen of England's annual Christmas Day message.
The yacht comes with Wi Fi and iPad, GPS, short wave radio and entertainment dock, snorkelling and fishing equip- ment, a stand up paddle board and more to ensure a memorable cruise.
It triggered a temporary radio blackout on the sunlit side of Earth that interfered with radio navigation and short wave radio.
Davis, recent offerings for networking systems and accessories added to the site include products for video & content delivery, storage networks, unified computing & servers, online security, building security systems, online security, optical networking, interfaces & modules, telepresence, service exchange collaboration, long distance communication, short wave radio as well as voice & unified communications, surveillance, data management & storage, Internet privacy & firewall, application networking and other networking solutions.
Instead of just providing medium and short wave radio news, it should be
Peter Horrocks, director BBC Global News, told his staff on Wednesday, " The platform on which World Service has been strongest -- short wave radio -- is under great pressure as FM radio, TV and mobile phones offer compelling alternatives to audiences, even in less developed markets.
It also stressed on promotion of peace through radio stations such as the available Bentiu Short Wave Radio in Unity state that can cover all the three states in local languages.
The problem is that, in the real world, this portion of the spectrum tends to be relatively noise-prone, with noise from electrical appliances, short wave radio, and other sources invading the spectrum.
The newspaper said Portuguese air traffic authorities had intercepted a "vague and confused" short wave radio message, according to a police source.
The 3pm slot for the Queen's speech was chosen in 1932 because it was considered the best time for reaching most of the countries in the British Empire on short wave radio.