a.1.Having short-breath, or quick respiration.
2.Having short life.
References in classic literature ?
Honor O'Flagherty was both short-legged and short-breathed. She felt the full importance of her mission; and having an extensive acquaintance among the other Milesians of the town, and of her class, she stopped no less than eleven times to communicate the magnitude of Miss Dosie's purchase.
They would have persuaded me I was in purgatory, but I knew too well the pursy short-breathed voice of the Father Abbot.
And so, young gentleman,' he added, after a few moments' further rubbing of his chin, 'that you may not consider me long-winded as well as short-breathed, I believe that's all about it.'
As for seasons, usually emergency rooms are packed with short-breathed patients from the beginning of October to January, with most suffering from viral diseases and influenza as well, which increases the severity and frequency of asthma attacks, she noted.
It works in short-breathed bursts of energy, with a central movement of slithery hypnosis, and the CBSO players responded with gutsy fire under the persuasive baton of Robert Spano.
Quagliati's short-breathed harmony and frequent cadences are typical of this period and not particularly Roman in style; similar harmonic procedures appear, for instance, in Claudio Monteverdis sixth book of madrigals (1614), Alessandro Grandi's first book of motets (1610), and the Concerti ecclesiastic i (1610) of Giovanni Paolo Cima.
Cererols tends to build his works from very short and sharply contrasted units, which presents a challenge to performers since the result could so easily sound short-breathed and even chaotic; but all here is utterly convincing.
The latter provide background to some of Byrd's grounds; one is a setting of Wakefild on a greene, a little short-breathed by comparison with Byrd's early grounds on similar four-bar basses but an attractive piece, the other a rather remorselessly figure-by-figure set of fifteen variations on the ground of Hugh Aston's Maske (this is a three-part textless composition, also present in the volume in a thoroughly unworkable intabulation).
Unfortunately what these composers supplied instead proved piecemeal, short-breathed, and profligate, tossing aside some wonderful ideas heard once and then forgotten.
Ji-Dong-Nuo by the Chinese composer Chen Yi (who, during the notorious Cultural Revolution, suffered for her art in the way few western composers have had to) relays a charming fairy-tale in delicate, short-breathed gestures exploring various registers of the keyboard, the modes and mannerisms of this lovely, affectionate little piece occasionally evoking Debussy.
Folksong does not usually come in sonata form, and though it can be highly complex it is inevitably short-breathed. However, the ambition to conquer larger forms remained with Grieg throughout his life.
We even get a 'bonus track' to eke out this desperate release, the alleged 'classic version' of the Moonlight Sonata, disfigured by short-breathed, choppy phrasing from Klass, yet again a soupy orchestra, and poorly synchronised concluding chords from this well-qualified pianist.