a.1.Having short intervals between the joints; - said of a plant or an animal, especially of a horse whose pastern is too short.
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To solve the issues of collapsibility and bend passing capability the tool is designed with short-jointed sections forming the inspection train.
Select healthy, short-jointed plants with very little bare stem between the roots and large dark green leaves.
Take an eight to 10cm cutting from a short-jointed side shoot, just below a leaf joint.
Bedding violas tend to have rounded leaves, short-jointed stemslong flower spurs and fragrance.
Many commercial growers use artificial lights to give short-jointed plants a good start.
Select strong, healthy, short-jointed side-shoots without flower buds and cut just below a leaf joint so the cutting is 8 cm - 10 cm (3in-4in) long.
The bushy, short-jointed plants trail over the side of containers without growing too long and need no pinching out.
Select healthy short-jointed plants, with very little bare stem between large dark green leaves.