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Noun1.short line - a transportation system that operates over relatively short distances
transportation, transportation system, transit - a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
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Eligible applications will include projects that address congestion challenges, highway-rail grade crossings, upgrade short-line railroad infrastructure, relocate rail lines, improve intercity passenger rail capital assets, and deploy railroad safety technology.
The JV also intends to pursue the acquisition of additional short-line railroad companies
Small projects include $13.01 million for a bridge replacement project over the Missouri River in Pierre, South Dakota; $10.52 million to rehabilitate a 91.3-mile short-line railroad corridor between McGehee, Arkansas and Tallulah, Louisiana; and $8 million to rehabilitate and create new capacity at the Port of Miami's Seaboard Marine Terminal.
Robb LeMasters, a managing director of Blue Harbour Group, said, "We invested in Genesee & Wyoming because we believed its share price did not reflect its unique combination of short-line railroad market leadership, powerful cash generation, strong balance sheet and experienced management team.
New England Southern is a short-line railroad operator and provides a variety of value-added rail transportation services including transloading, private industrial rail car switching and rail car storage.
Commerce Department that handles short-line railroad projects related to economic development.
Watco is one of the largest short-line railroad holding companies in the U.S.
The city provides typical city services as well as various utility services, including water, sewer, electric, solid waste, storm drain, and short-line railroad systems.
The Rocky Mountain Materials and Premix deals follow by three months Martin Marietta's acquisition of Front Range Aggregates and its Rock & Rail subsidiary, encompassing and aggregates and distribution facility (Parkdale Quarry and Drennan Yard), plus a federally chartered short-line railroad that operates between Pueblo and Parkdale, Colo.
It adds approximately 25 employees at an aggregates facility (Parkdale Quarry), a distribution facility (Drennan Yard) and Rock & Rail, a federally chartered short-line railroad that operates east and west between Pueblo and Parkdale, Colo.
( is a short-line railroad established in central Pennsylvania in 1832.
In an early study to determine the preferences of over 300 shippers using short-line railroads in Kansas and Iowa, shippers were asked to rate the performance of their short-line railroad on 17 price-service characteristics relative to their previous Class I railroad and motor carriers (Babcock et al., 2010).