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Adj.1.short-nosed - having a blunt nose; "a pug-nosed boy with freckles"; "a snub-nosed automatic"
nosed - having a nose (either literal or metaphoric) especially of a specified kind
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If you plan to take your pet overseas over the course of the next three months, the first thing to note is the airline embargoes on all short-nosed breeds of animal.
Fashionable, short-nosed pets in the country, such as Bulldogs, Pekingese and Pug breeds and Persian and British Shorthair cats are particularly of concern.
Several decades back, before we had the surge of modern self-defense bullets, the solution to getting an effective self-defense round for short-nosed .
For instance, Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers and other short-nosed breeds may find it difficult to breathe in excessively hot temperatures.
The new MP4-31 short-nosed car, described by the team as innovative, also made a first track appearance with Jenson Button at the wheel at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya on Monday.
Other species found in the area are the Common Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis), Masked Palm Civet (Paguma larvata), Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis ssp.
If you have a short-nosed cat who has put on some pounds and suffers breathing problems due to a condition called brachycephalic airway syndrome, one simple change could go a long way in easing his discomfort: help him slim down.
Gar: Gar abound in big rivers, from short-nosed and spotted gar weighing 3 or 4 pounds to giant alligator gar weighing several hundred pounds.
Closer to the sea, he has looked at short-nosed sturgeon, which spend most of their time in the estuary (where the river meets the ocean), but do venture up the river to spawn.
The acronym for Short Noses Only Rescue Team has a double meaning, given the propensity of short-nosed dogs to breathe heavily because of their insubstantial -- and sometimes nonexistent -- snouts.
This condition is commonly seen in short-nosed dogs.
He said it came from a dog that probably resembled the small, short-nosed, short-haired mutts that were common among the Indians of the Great Plains.