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Recognising the value to the bank of a spotless reputation for its officers, the President drew his check for the amount of the shortage and the Cashier was restored to favour.
The only calm occupant of the room was Eustace himself, who, either through a shortage of ammunition or through weariness of the pitching-arm, had suspended active hostilities, and was now looking down on the scene from a high shelf.
When I left the group Bertie was off on a new tack tormenting them with the more serious aspects of the situation, pointing out the shortage of supplies that was already making itself felt, and asking them what they were going to do about it.
It did look as though there was going to be at least a temporary food shortage, and I hugged myself over the goodly stock of provisions I had laid in.
Owing to the shortage of women, many of the men tied bandanna handkerchiefs around their arms in token of femininity and danced with other men.
The lawmakers letter urges FDA to use all tools at its disposal to address the shortages and requests information regarding the agencys response to the shortage of IV saline.
Nationwide, 70% of employers stated that they have experienced moderate to extreme skills shortages and only 6% say that they haven't experienced any skills shortages in the past year.
NEW ORLEANS -- Antibiotic shortages reported by the Emerging Infections Network (EIN) in 2011 persisted in 2016, according to a web-based follow-up survey of infectious disease physicians.
Although the number of new drug shortages has begun to decline since 2011, approximately 300 drugs annually remain on active/ongoing shortages.
Faculty shortages at nursing schools across the country are limiting student capacity at a time when the need for nurses continues to grow" (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2015).
A mobile app that provides up-to-date information on drug shortages has been launched by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency has announced.
Regarding the effect of the talent shortage on their organizations, the highest percentage of employers in Bulgaria (51%) say that it reduces the competitiveness and productivity, while 46% say that shortages significantly impact their ability to meet client needs, and 39% complain of reduced innovation and creativity.