shortwave radio

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short′wave ra′dio

a radio that transmits or receives shortwaves.
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Sharing space on the bench with more expensive radios including my Grundig Field shortwave radio, the Icom A25N portable and some older ham radio gear, the Air Scan has decent build quality for its price point, plus it couldn't be easier to operate.
I have been a fan since first hearing John Peel play 'A New Face In Hell', around 1980, on his weekly BBC show, heard around the world on shortwave radio.
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), however, says the operation of the radio does not fall under its jurisdiction as it was being operated from Czech Republic using shortwave radio frequencies, but they are finding ways to regulate it.
Eventually, two-way communications between students and teachers were conducted over shortwave radio until replaced by the Internet in 2009.
The shortwave station has transmitted Voice of America programs from Washington, through shortwave radio signals to audiences around the world, bringing them news, music, and special interest programs about the United States.
Radio Dabanga is a shortwave radio station which serves the Darfur area of western Sudan.
Meanwhile, Werner Pfennig and his sister Jutta discover a broken shortwave radio behind the German orphanage where they live.
The corporation's television programs and radio services are broadcast by different ways such as satellite, AM, cable, FM and shortwave radio frequencies.
O'Connell of Worcester, his favorite Christmas gift of all time, hands down, was the Sangean ATS-803A shortwave radio that his wife, Eileen Higgins, bought from Lechmere.
EWTN "also operates multiple radio services including a network of hundreds of AM and FM stations, a SiriusXM satellite radio channel, an iHeart radio channel and a global shortwave radio service," it states in news releases.
For years prior to the discovery of the radio Sun, radio operators had reported periods when shortwave radio reception was disrupted by bursts of a static-like noise that could not be traced to terrestrial sources.