Shot samples

1.(Metal.) Samples taken for assay from a molten metallic mass pouring a portion into water, to granulate it.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I've seen and shot samples from both worlds, although I haven't personally used the company's barrels to pound cinder blocks.
In the short shot samples, scans were limited to locations on the partially filled plaques.
The other is extracted from time-resolved transient results, computed at the stages of molding that correspond to the short shot samples (e.g.
It is suspected that the accuracy of fine earth Pb concentrations determined for some of these 12- and 18-month samples was compromised by changes in the methodology used in sieving of dried soil + Pb shot samples. These changes most likely resulted in a greater than average removal of crust material from the shot during sieving, the crust material ending up in the <1 mm soil sample.
When the tool room receives the IML and Last Shot samples from the molding department, the first priority must be to examine the Last Shot samples for hidden part-quality issues.
In-depth explanations and plenty of real-world examples of character rigs, high-res models and more pack in color screen shot samples and illustration.
Since the weld line is difficult to analyze once formed, we decided to analyze the tip of the flow front of a short shot sample as a precursor to the material that will form the weld line.