Shot window

a window projecting from the wall. Ritson, quoted by Halliwell, explains it as a window that opens and shuts; and Wodrow describes it as a window of shutters made of timber and a few inches of glass above them.

See also: Shot

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Then there's often a quick quartering-away shot window as the buck prepares to leave the scene.
There wasn't going to be much of a shot window should this situation turn ducky.
Gates Road, vandalism, someone shot window with a BB or pellet gun.
SURVIVOR: George Walker leaving court with his family yesterday; DEATH: The shot window, left, George Jnr, and tributes at scene
A new Noel Feather Signature compound serves both tournament archer and bowhunter with redesigned riser, 5 1/2-inch center shot window, two-piece shelf, wood grip, solid fiberglass limbs, and three-stage Genesis eccentrics, all in a shorter bow for maneuverability, with axle-to-axle length of 39 inches.
Each time a Snap Shot is delivered, the Snap Shot window displays both the information the user specifically requests AND a contextually-relevant advertisement, centered directly where the viewer's eyes are focused.
Then there's often a quick quartering - away shot window as the buck prepares to leave the scene.
The profile contains the username, age, gender, location, tagline and a photo -- all contained in the convenient shot window.