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Noun1.shotgun shell - a shell containing lead shotshotgun shell - a shell containing lead shot; used in shotguns
bird shot, buckshot, duck shot - small lead shot for shotgun shells
shell - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
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We then each purchased a box of 25 shotgun shells, nitro-express #6 shot.
The CleanShot shell, like all shotgun shells, is a system.
300 winchester magnum target - 15,000 units), - shotgun shells (caliber cartridge .
Officers found the deadly firearm hidden in a cupboard in a blue nylon bag, alongside five shotgun shells.
38 Specials and four brass 20-gauge shotgun shells.
twelve gauge shotgun shells And genuine manly grit.
Walmart offers 100 12-gauge shotgun shells for PS16 and a body armour-holding vest for PS32.
At the weekend I actually bought a second gilet: this time a proper hunting and shooting item in green to blend into the undergrowth and enough pockets to pack shotgun shells, camera, wallet, inflatable tent, my wife Maria, three course lunch and survival kit.
Royal Highland Fusilier Brian Wright, 30, said he was hiding the drugs for dealers and the 9mm ammo and shotgun shells were war souvenirs.
Hidden in a black Ford Mondeo parked outside were more Class A drugs and two firearms - a bolt action shotgun and a smoothbore revolver - along with shotgun shells.
Rio Ammunition, manufacturers of shotgun shells originally imported from Vitoria, Spain, officially opened its new "sporting cartridges" facility in Marshall, Texas, on June 25.