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1. Piled broken stones used as a foundation or to stabilize an easily eroded bank or slope.
2. An assemblage of such broken stones.
tr.v. rip·rapped, rip·rap·ping, rip·raps
1. To construct a riprap in or on.
2. To strengthen with a riprap.

[Reduplication of rap.]



1. a quantity of broken stone for foundations, revetments of embankments, etc.
2. a foundation or wall of stones thrown together irregularly.
[1570–80; gradational reduplication of rap1]
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Shotrock is transferred into the production cycle using two Caterpillar 988s, according to VanDerWall.
Whether it is loading shotrock at the face, dumping into the primary, filling trucks at the stockpiles or even clearing debris in warm weather or snow in the winter, front-end loaders are indispensible to the success of a quarry operation.