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a. The joint connecting the arm with the torso.
b. The part of the human body between the neck and upper arm.
a. The joint of a vertebrate animal that connects the forelimb to the trunk.
b. The part of an animal near this joint.
3. often shoulders The area of the back from one shoulder to the other.
4. A cut of meat including the joint of the foreleg and adjacent parts.
5. The portion of a garment that covers the shoulder.
6. An angled or sloping part, as:
a. The angle between the face and flank of a bastion in a fortification.
b. The area between the body and neck of a bottle or vase.
7. The area of an item or object that serves as an abutment or surrounds a projection, as:
a. The end surface of a board from which a tenon projects.
b. Printing The flat surface on the body of type that extends beyond the letter or character.
8. The edge or border running on either side of a roadway.
v. shoul·dered, shoul·der·ing, shoul·ders
1. To carry or place (a burden, for example) on a shoulder or on the shoulders.
2. To take on; assume: shouldered the blame for his friends.
3. To push or apply force to with a shoulder: shouldered the dresser against the wall.
4. To make (one's way) by shoving one's shoulders.
1. To push with a shoulder.
2. To make one's way by shoving one's shoulders.
put (one's) shoulder to the wheel
To apply oneself vigorously; make a concentrated effort.
shoulder to shoulder
1. In close proximity; side by side.
2. In close cooperation.
straight from the shoulder
1. Delivered directly from the shoulder. Used of a punch.
2. Honestly; candidly.

[Middle English shulder, from Old English sculdor.]
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  1. Bony shoulders … like wings —Richard Ford
  2. Protruding shoulder blades that pushed out the back of his shirt like hidden wings —Harvey Swados
  3. Shoulder blades … almost as soft and small as a bird’s wings —Penelope Gilliatt
  4. Shoulder blades jutted like a twin hump —Harvey Swados
  5. [Protruding] shoulder blades … like wedges —Jay Parini
  6. Shoulders like a buffalo —Willa Cather
  7. Shoulders like a five-barred gate —Donald Seaman
  8. Shoulders like a pair of walking beams —H. C. Witwer
  9. Shoulders like a wall —Paul J. Wellman
  10. Shoulders like the ram of a battleship —P. G. Wodehouse
  11. Shoulders like the Parthenon —H. L. Mencken
  12. Shoulders protruding like a Swiss chalet —Rufus Shapley
  13. Shoulders rounded like a question mark —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  14. Sunburned shoulders like the knobs of well-polished furniture —Nadine Gordimer
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References in classic literature ?
Drummle, my shoulders squared and my back to the fire.
He was swarthy to blackness, and his body was covered with a hairy growth that matted like a dog's on his chest and shoulders. He was deep-chested, thick-legged, large-muscled, but unshapely.
"Accursed Germans!" he cried, and looked down at the dead face on his arm, and shrugged his shoulders resignedly.
I left him the last word, and sought refuge in a shrug of the shoulders and taciturnity.
Buck was beset by three huskies, and in a trice his head and shoulders were ripped and slashed.
Clayton's only response was a shrug of the shoulders, but as he left them he picked up the spear which had transfixed Snipes, and thus primitively armed, the son of the then Lord Greystoke strode into the dense jungle.
She made a stream of fire flare from his shield and helmet like the star that shines most brilliantly in summer after its bath in the waters of Oceanus--even such a fire did she kindle upon his head and shoulders as she bade him speed into the thickest hurly-burly of the fight.
Then, jumping out of the buggy, he gripped her shoulders with his strong hands.
He regained his feet, absurdly bristled the hair on his shoulders and absurdly growled his high disdain of these lesser, two-legged things that came and went and obeyed the wills of great, white-skinned, two-legged gods such as Skipper and Mister Haggin.
They turned their shoulders to her most savage slashes, and with wagging tails and mincing steps strove to placate her wrath.
Placing three of them with their faces to the wall and arms locked, I commanded two more to mount to their shoulders, and a sixth I ordered to climb upon the shoulders of the upper two.
Her bare shoulders and arms gave Kitty a sense of chill marble, a feeling she particularly liked.