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The focus of Shoven's work has changed over the course of his career.
It seems like Bronshtein, Scott, Shoven and Slavov have delivered a valuable educational tool for making that price clearer.
Shoven and Sita Nataraj Slavov report on their empirical research into the advantages and disadvantages of starting to claim benefits at various ages--taking into account other demographics--and then suggest the optimal age to begin.
John Shoven is a Research Associate of the NBER's programs in aging, public economics, and economic fluctuations and growth.
Shoven. We also review a second book True Security: Rethinking American Social Insurance by Michael J.
People can't afford to get married and have kids," warns Sylvester Schieber, co-author with economics professor John Shoven of The Real Deal a book on the history and future of America's Social Security program.
Sylvester Schieber, a Watson Wyatt actuary, and John Shoven, a Stanford University economist, show in their 1997 study that pension assets (DB and DC) will fall from $28 trillion in 2040 to $15 trillion in 2065 as boomers spend their nest eggs.
Shoven, is available from the University of Chicago Press for $110.00.
The two main papers are "Social Security Reform: Two Tiers Are Better than One," by John Shoven, and "Social Security: Tune It Up, Don't Trade It In," by Henry Aaron.
Thrifty members of the middle class, as well as the wealthy, face major tax trouble with their pensions as a result of changes in the tax laws over recent years, according to a study by economists John Shoven of Stanford University and David Wise of Harvard University.
John Shoven of NBER and Stanford University has recently been the director of the Palo Alto office and Rosannah Reeves, who managed the office from 1978 until it closed this year, was a great contributor to its success.
According to John Shoven. dean of Stanford University's School of Humanities and Sciences and the Charles Schwab Professor of Economics, the private pension system faces potential problems when the time comes that there are more baby boomers wanting to cash in their pension assets than younger buyers wanting to purchase them.