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a.1.Without a shroud.
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cactus bloomed above our ancient tomb the little cactus lavishing its black shade on our remains as if not satisfied with our estrangement it imbibes all our souls distill and stretches above us its hard branches conveying them with shroudless corpses (Al-Fayturi in Khouri 1973: 155).
The fan is a solid, shroudless, wide chord design for performance and ruggedness.
E3E technology includes: a two-stage shroudless HP turbine incorporating advanced 3D aerodynamics and blade cooling technology; a novel tip clearance control system with advanced ceramic abradable linings to improve turbine efficiency and increase performance retention; a lean burn combustion system; a blisked HP compressor which has successfully demonstrated a 22:1 pressure ratio in only 9 stages, with world-class levels of efficiency and validated surge margin capability; and an innovative air system for bearing load management and improved cooling using novel carbon oil seal and brush-seal air sealing technologies.