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 (lăn-tä′nə, -tăn′ə)
Any of various chiefly tropical shrubs or herbs of the genus Lantana, widely cultivated for their dense clusters of small colorful flowers.

[New Latin Lantana, genus name, from Italian dialectal lantana, wayfaring tree, viburnum, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *lentāgō, *lentāgin-, from Latin lentus, light, flexible.]


(lænˈteɪnə; -ˈtɑː-)
(Plants) any verbenaceous shrub or herbaceous plant of the tropical American genus Lantana, esp L. camara, having spikes or umbels of yellow or orange flowers. It has been widely introduced and is regarded as a troublesome weed in some places
[C18: New Latin, from Italian dialect lantana wayfaring tree]


(lænˈtæn ə)

n., pl. -nas.
any of numerous tropical shrubs of the genus Lantana, of the verbena family, cultivated for their bright and aromatic flowers.
[1785–95; < New Latin < dial. Italian: wayfaring tree]
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Noun1.lantana - a flowering shrublantana - a flowering shrub      
genus Verbena - type genus of the Verbenaceae; genus of herbaceous perennials and subshrubs
poisonous plant - a plant that when touched or ingested in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism
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However, most collections were made on 2 plant species from 2 different families: shrub verbena, Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) and yellow trumpet-flower, Tecoma stans (Bignoniaceae).
Adults preferred to feed on shrub verbena and yellow trumpet-flower whereas the preferred plants for oviposition were lemon, Tucuman cedar, and corn.