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n. pl. shumai
1. A steamed or fried dumpling that contains a pastelike filling of minced ingredients, as pork, shrimp, ginger, and onion, usually seasoned with soy sauce and often only partially wrapped, exposing part of the filling.
2. A dish consisting of a number of these dumplings.

[Japanese shūmai, from Cantonese siu1 maai6, Cantonese reading (with siu1, to burn, roast, and maai2, variant in composition of maai6, to sell) of Mandarin shāomài (as written with the characters shāo, to burn, roast, and mài, to sell, since shumai are frequently sold in small shops and as street food), rewriting of earlier shāomài : shāo, a little, variant of shào (from Middle Chinese ʂaı̷w`, from Old Chinese *sr(i)âuh) + mài, wheat (perhaps with reference to the thin wheaten wrapper, from Middle Chinese ma⋮jk, from Old Chinese *mrək, perhaps of Indo-European origin; see melə- in Indo-European roots).]
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I ordered a selection of dim sum, the pick of which was chicken truffle shumai. Four tiny dumplings were filled with shredded chicken and served in a small pool of soy.
The decoration in there is just amazing, a really beautiful place and my favourite dish, if I had to pick just one, is the Shumai dumplings.
Along with their Pearl Milk Tea, we tried their other dishes including the Shrimp Shumai, Tofu Skin Rolls, and Beef Tendon Noodles.
Except that dumpling is also called shumai and in Mongolia from where this delicacy came, it is named hohhot after the city where it supposedly was first cooked.
No tastier treasure than to chew my Tender, flaky flounder shumai: My credit's solid--add this TO MY BILL.
Filipino Vlyschelle Simmons, 32, and her British husband, Matt, 34, from Amwaj Islands, devoured Filipino-style Shumai dim sums.
Shumai - steamed dumplings of prawn and pork - were pillowy bundles of goodness, their filling fresh and lively.
I came home with fish, steak, meatballs, egg rolls, apples and chicken shumai, plus two pies--that was for me--enough for about two to three meals for a growing teenager.
Stands from Shangri-La Hotel, Doha Marriott Hotel, Oriental Bowl and Spice Boat are offering special festival menus featuring Peking duck burgers, Shanghai pan fried dumplings, shrimp shumai, chicken dim sum, ginger egg drop soup and many other oriental delicacies at "special prices, drawing large numbers of visitors to the Qatar-China Court, the organisers have said in a statement.
Anyone who has ever eaten a cha siu bao, shumai (shaomai in Mandarin), or spring roll has eaten dim sum.
A good deal is the dinner Broadway Box, which for $16 includes tempura shrimp, chicken teriyaki, a shrimp shumai, a California roll, soup and salad.