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(Placename) the Biblical name for Susa


(ˈsu sə, -sɑ)

a ruined city in W Iran: the capital of ancient Elam. Biblical name, Shushan.
Su′si•an (-zi ən) n., adj.
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Just like it was with the Jews of Shushan in the Purim story.
Dr Debra Shushan, Director of Policy for Americans for Peace Now, told Al Bawaba: " Undermining the deal benefits neither Israeli nor American security and, incidentally, it will not benefit the security of Sunni Arab states either.
Intern Shushan Gabrielyan created a summer wrap-up video sharing some of the highlights of their experience.
I am Shushan der Marderosian, descendant of priests.
David Shushan has been promoted to managing director in the firm's Boston office.
When TB Megillah 12a speaks of the Jews in Shushan participating in a meal using vessels looted from the Temple, the message is that the Jews had given up on the Temple being rebuilt, and did not even mourn its destruction.
The story of the Shushan Postmaster was one of many stories told.
According to He Shushan, vice mayor of Tianjin, as of Monday night, specialists had searched dangerous chemicals scattered within a radius of three kilometers around the blast site's core area.
Around 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide was being stored at the warehouse where the blasts took place, He Shushan, a Tianjin vice mayor, told a news conference at the hotel Monday.
As teams specialized in handling hazardous chemicals scrambled to clean up the site, Tianjin's deputy mayor, He Shushan, confirmed there was about 700 tons of deadly chemical sodium cyanide in the warehouse that blew up.
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