n.1.(Zool.) The ahu, or jairou.
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Involving husbands in safe motherhood: Effects of the SUAMI SIAGA campaign in Indonesia.
The village head is fully responsible for the success or failure of the development program, including the program of "Desa Siaga," a health program recently initiated by the government.
Ketut Siaga Waspada 20 Dr Emily Welty * 21 Ms Lily Zachariah 22 Ms Xiaoyan Zhou GUESTS 1 Mr Ralston H.
One program from Mercy Corps, called RW Siaga Plus+, installed latrines and hand washing stations at a number of sites across greater Jakarta.
Therefore, the PVMBG has declared Mount Rokatenda to be on Siaga (the second highest alert status) since last Saturday at 05.
But now, with the ''Padang Tsunami Evacuation Map'' distributed to the public and local radio Siaga FM dedicating itself to spreading the right information on earthquakes and tsunami around the clock, Padang residents are better prepared about what to do, where to run, and where to be reunited with their family members, she said.
The Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) Program is made up of several public awareness campaigns, including Suami Siaga (alert husband), Bidan Siaga (alert midwife) and Desa Siaga (alert village).
Garda Oto offers the service of towing trucks as emergency service in highways for 24 hours with its Garda Siaga fleet.
One of the services which a Garda Oto policy holder is entitled to is the so-called Garda Siaga, which is the provision of road-assistance service for free.
Lustrilanang is secretary general of the loose Siaga alliance, which supports political opposition figures Megawati Sukarnoputri and Amien Rais, while Mahesa is a director of the Nusantara Legal Aid Foundation.
The project management assignments for the work specified in the contract and in river project ownership of SIAGA.