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1. Any of several annual Eurasian plants of the genus Plantago, especially P. ovata or P. afra, having opposite leaves and small flowers borne in dense spikes.
2. The seed husks of any of these plants, widely used as a mild bulk laxative and sometimes added to foods as a dietary source of soluble fiber.

[New Latin, from Greek psullion, from Greek psulla, flea (from the flealike appearance of the seeds ).]


(Plants) a grain, Plantago psafra, the husks of which are used medicinally as a laxative and to reduce blood cholesterol levels
[C16: Latin, from Greek psulla flea, due to the resemblance of the seeds to fleas]


(ˈsɪl i əm)

2. the seeds of the fleawort, used as a mild laxative esp. in breakfast cereals.
[1595–1605; < New Latin < Greek psýllion, psyllíon, derivative of psýlla flea]
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Noun1.psyllium - plantain of Mediterranean regions whose seeds swell and become gelatinous when moist and are used as a mild laxativepsyllium - plantain of Mediterranean regions whose seeds swell and become gelatinous when moist and are used as a mild laxative
plantain - any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally


n psyllium
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