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n.1.A seal; a coining die; - used adjectively to designate the silver currency of the Mogul emperors, or the Indian rupee of 192 grains.
Sicca rupee
an East Indian coin, valued nominally at about two shillings sterling, or fifty cents.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Immunologic markers, uveitis, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca associated with human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1.
Conclusion: The diagnosis of neuro-sjogren's syndrome (NSS) can be difficult in the absence of sicca symptoms especially when neurological manifestations precede sicca symptoms by many years.
However, ceftazidime does not show activity against Neisseria sicca either with or without thioridazine.
She was originally diagnosed with anti-Ro-positive pSS in 2008 after presenting with joint pain and sicca symptoms.
The product increases tear production in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. It reportedly offers the highest FDA-approved concentration of cyclosporine A and incorporates nanomicellar technology.
The condition is called keratoconjunctivitis sicca but is simply known as dry eye.
Explaining that the entire problem was most likely caused by a reduction in tear production, a condition called dry eye or keratoconjunctivits sicca, I suggested that the first part of the healing process would be to get the whole area clipped and cleaned, so as to provide some relief from discomfort and reduce the level of contamination.
Merola urged his colleagues to ask patients functional questions; for example, those pertaining to sicca symptoms; and how to parse out whether a patient's joint pain is inflammatory or noninflammatory
Duration and severity of both AR and NAR were classified according to Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) recommendations [13]; (c) rhinitis sicca, in patients referring the subjective sensation of "dry nose," coupled with visible dry nasal mucosa and atrophic nasal turbinates and Sjogren's syndrome [14]; (d) chronic rhinosinusitis with (CRSwNP) and without (CRSsNP) nasal polyps, in cases of nasal blockage, nasal drip, facial pain, reduction of smell, associated to endoscopic nasal signs of polyps, mucopurulent discharge, and/or mucosal edema, according to European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps [15].
Current literature documents direct ocular associations that include retinopathy, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and Mooren's ulcer.
Current consensus classification criteria for pSS by American College of Rheumatology and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) set this diagnosis in our patient who meets the inclusion criteria (sicca symptoms) and has a score [greater than or equal to] 4 based on anti-SSA/Ro antibody positivity and FLS (each scoring 3) [2].