sick bay

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sick′ bay`

a hospital or dispensary, esp. aboard ship.
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Been in the sick bay since then, and been employed ashore.
He said a state-of-the-art Staff Sick Bay has been established in the hospital to provide best medical cover to the paramedical staff and their entitled family members.
Official figures are expected to reveal the pace of the recovery accelerated slightly in the third quarter of 2011 - but economists have warned the UK remains in the sick bay.
The offences occurred at sites including the school sick bay, in the woman's flat and on camping trips.
And serial tweeter Swann joined them in the sick bay when his digit took a hefty blow after facing team-mate Tim Bresnan in the nets.
The lonely astronaut starts experiencing headaches and hallucinations and lands in sick bay after crashing his space buggy.
Upon my arrival at sick bay, the medical officer was able to reattach the wayward piece of flesh, but no one knows yet if the reattached tissue will survive.
Mr Benn's department Defra said the actual cost of their sick bed was pounds 150 - but extras for the sick bay which the stressed civil servants head for brought the total to pounds 679.
In March this year, a Welsh victim of the Jersey sex abuse scandal told of howhe was "repeatedly molested in the sick bay and the dormitory".
He spent time in the brig, sick bay, chaplains' office, wardroom, enlisted mess, and smoking sponsors.
And wherever the sick bay was, the Germans had that tapped and we were shelled regularly, several times a day.
Little known fact #2: Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was a marketing consultant for makers of consumer products, and conducted his market research by inserting advanced concepts like the cellular telephone--the communicator--touchless diagnostic systems--the tricorder and sick bay bed--and interactive television--the holodeck--into his screenplays.