sick bay

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sick′ bay`

a hospital or dispensary, esp. aboard ship.
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Been in the sick bay since then, and been employed ashore.
And SMB, now intact with Alex Cabagnot and Gabby Espinas back in the lineup from sick bay, had already asserted itself against either of its quarterfinal foes, beating Phoenix, 104-96, last Dec.
I was in sick bay in London and my officer commanding was a female from North Bay.
Regarding the sick bay, Dalglish quipped: "We've been talking about getting and extension added.
The early years department was housed in a former stables with hay loft over, a carriage house with groom's quarters over and washing bay to front, a sick bay and forge, all of which date from around 1893.
IN SICK BAY The hospital caters to a large number of people from Central and East Delhi Basic equipment like sutures, nebulisers and even a crucial instrument like defibrillator are in short supply Even gloves, face mask and gowns are not available in the hospital The hospital witnesses a daily footfall of 2,000 patients The medicine and surgical emergency departments of Lok Nayak Hospital are worst affected.
By the time I got to school, he emerged from the sick bay with a complexion similar to that of the Jolly Green Giant.
Had the hook and cable whacked the air crew member on the noggin, they might a had a very serious customer in the nearest sick bay.
Dominic has always been law abiding and perceived as a nerd but when he has a panic attack in the exam room and finds himself in the school sick bay with troublemaker Lara (who also just happens to be the hottest girl in the class) his life is about to change for ever.
At the age of nine I was admitted to children's sick bay.
But as usual it's standing room only in the Arsenal sick bay.