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n. Slang
A deranged, psychotic, or morbidly obsessed person.




(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) informal a day of sick leave from work, whether for genuine sickness or not
[C20: from sick1 + -ie]


(ˈsɪk i)

n. Slang.
one who is deranged or perverted.


[ˈsɪki] narrêt m maladie
to take a sickie → prendre un arrêt maladie, se faire porter malade


n (Brit, Austral inf) → Krankentag m; to take a sickieeinen Tag krankfeiern (inf)
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When broken down by industry, the financial and insurance services sector saw the highest rates of sickies in the north west.
A third of sickies were pulled because workers were simply too tired to get out of bed.
The medical association (PIS) on Tuesday urged authorities to co-operate to stamp out sickies in the public sector, asking for suspicious cases to be referred to them for investigation.
SICKIES 'COST BUSINESS-|ES PS9BN A YEAR' Hangovers are the most common reasons why people pull a "sickie", according to research by PWC.
THE North East has been shamed in a survey which claims workers pull more sickies than anywhere else after Christmas parties.
A POLICE chief has warned officers that taking sickies because they have a hangover is not acceptable.
Men are more likely to take a day off to nurse a sore head - making up 44 percent of sickies compared to 34 percent in women.
A HEALTH board are to carry out a mass sacking of about 200 staff who were probed for pulling sickies.
Sickies, pull yourselves together and get back to work.
There needs to be a sick leave system in place which clamps down on costly sickies being taken.
Finally, whilst sickies are currently 'en vogue' in Britain, many of us should beware as the survey reveals over a third (38%) have caught a colleague enjoying a day trip out when they should have been tucked up in bed with a tummy bug
Managers said they suspected workers faked an illness to take a Monday or Friday off work and many employers said there was a link between sickies and holidays and sporting events.