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n.1.One who uses a sickle; a sickleman; a reaper.
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Randal Sickler has been promoted to principal of SWBR.
Jonathan Sickler of Grand Forks, chief legal officer for AE2S, an environmental and civil engineering consulting firm.
Present during the meeting were Fadhil Alnasheet the head of blood donation campaign, Zakariya Alkazem the head of the Bahrain Sickler Patients Society and several members of Alnoaim Charity Society.
Nathan Sickler declined to reveal any details about the mailing.
The morbidity in sickler pregnant women is higher with an increase in sickling crisis in both antenatal and postnatal periods.
The CCO team is the first to implement the 3 in 1 tool, which is managed by Jim Van Sickler, and is used as an ordering, receiving and payment voucher for the Field Ordering Officer program.
ERIN SICKLER is a soon-not-to-be-New-York-based interdependent curator and sometimes other things with an itch to scratch.
SSgt Zachary Sickler is the customer service document processing supervisor at 97th Comptroller Squadron, Altus AFB.
He is an associate attorney with the firm of Ebeltoft, Sickler, Kolling, Grosz and Bouray, PLLC, in Dickinson, ND.
4 million adults (18% of adults on ART) and 150 000 children (26% of children on ART) will still be on stavudine-based ART by the end of 2012 (3) (personal communication, Joanna Sickler, Clinton Health Access Initiative).
of Fort Myers, FL, Margaret Anne (Geoffrey) Horrax of Farmington, CT, Berta Ellen Feeney of Scottsdale, AZ, Jayne Butler Feeney of York, ME, Paula Anne Feeney of Glastonbury, CT, and Joanne Gately Feeney of Glastonbury, CT; six grandchildren: Caitlin (Matthew) Van Sickler Schultheis, M.