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 (sĭd′nz), Sarah 1755-1831.
British actress known for her Shakespearean roles, especially Lady Macbeth.


(Biography) Sarah. 1755–1831, English tragedienne


(ˈsɪd nz)

Sarah (Kemble), 1755–1831, English actress.
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Noun1.Siddons - English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831)Siddons - English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831)
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Siddons was, or Queen Caroline, or the famous Lady Hamilton, for it seemed to me that she belonged to a generation as extinct.
Siddons in Lady Macbeth and ordered that horses might be put to her carriage.
Prizes Golfer of the month - April: Thomas Siddons.
It would seem that Siddons's performances were more "artificial" than Garrick's but only if we ignore the interplay of rhetorical and authenticating conventions; to her audiences, Siddons was an eminent successor to Pritchard in the role of Lady Macbeth.
NATIONAL DAY OF VENEZUELA 1755: Mrs Sarah Siddons, the leading English actress of her time, was born.
Andrew Siddons, Joseph & Jesse Siddons Ltd; Suk Aulak, Chantrey Vellacott; and Surbjit Gogna
Kim and Occhiogrosso will recreate some memorable stories they've discovered in their research, including accounts of Siddons as she prepares to play Lady Macbeth and Ira ldridge struggling for respect as the first African-American classical actors.
Sarah Siddons infused roles like Portia from The Merchant of Venice with a distinctive grand tragic style.
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama graduate Beth Fitzgerald is playing Siddons.
Wellington, Jan 17( ANI ): Wellington Firebirds coach Jamie Siddons has claimed Jesse Ryder is ready for a return in the New Zealand team but only if the atmosphere in the dressing room is right and suits him.
Gents' Winter Shield 4BBB Stableford: 1st W Crellin & K Dawson 44pts; 2nd R Hood & W Cooper 43pts (18th hole); 3rd PM Siddons & JL Duffus 43pts.
My focus is the 1790s, when Siddons's appearance as an adulteress at Drury Lane coincided with the height of the panic generated by adultery, intersecting with legal and political discourses and threatening the iconic status of Siddons herself.