Side grafting

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a mode of grafting in which the scion, cut quite across very obliquely, so as to give it the form of a slender wedge, is thrust down inside of the bark of the stock or stem into which it is inserted, the cut side of the scion being next the wood of the stock.

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Part of the interventions in CPAR is the rehabilitation of the old cacao using side grafting orand chupon.
Side grafting technology is done by inserting a pencil-size cacao budwood stick to a triangle cut in a trunk of an old cacao tree, and covering the grafted cacao with cellophane to avoid rain water.
For example, studies in Malaysia by Ramadasan and Ahmad (1986) using rootstocks of 2 to 4 weeks of age and side grafting showed reduced rates of survival.
The technique of side grafting of canopy on cocoa was successful in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, with methodology described by Yow and Lim (1994), in rehabilitation programs of plants.
Side grafting technique was followed in this experiment.
The grafting method adopted in this study was side grafting. Immediately after grafting, the plants were transferred to a healing chamber or mist chamber and kept for seven days at RH >95%, 29AdegC and darkness (shaded conditions) for graft union healing.
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(It's better to do the work over two years or more in order not to shock the tree.) Cut off all its branches at a point where they are about two inches in diameter, and using cleft, bark, or oblique side grafting, put on scions of the desired variety.