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Noun1.tank locomotive - a locomotive that carries its own fuel and watertank locomotive - a locomotive that carries its own fuel and water; no tender is needed
locomotive, locomotive engine, railway locomotive, engine - a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks
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MST (Machine Side Tank) for liquor preparation; liquor is controlled and managed by a pneumatic probe in order to reduce down times by liquor fillings.
There were great jubilation as well from both side Tank and Dera players.
5U2757, which translates into a 50-inch gauge unit, diesel powered with a side tank. We used the D2 for some years, plowing and discing our sandy soil.
I freely admit to being a steam nut, and spent a very happy day going up and down behind a 2-6-4 ex-BR Side Tank. Oh, the smell of steam, hot oil and hot metal.
The meter has as a side tank indicator (STI) for storage tanks with the ability to interface via Modbus and display tank levels in feet, inches and 16ths of an inch.
That was the view of manager Roger Ashby as he witnessed his injury-hit side tank the Tykes in great style at Manor Park on Saturday in a sparkling all-round team performance.
In a side tank, pre-blend nylon 12, Ti02 and iron oxides.
Scuttling in a side tank are a coven of Japanese spider crabs: enormous, hairy-legged, bathed in ultra-violet light, and worthy costars for the next Godzilla epic.