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adj. Sports
Thrown with or marked by a sideways motion of the arm between shoulder and hip height and relatively parallel to the ground: a sidearm baseball pitch.

side′arm′ adv.
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side′ arm`

a weapon, as a pistol or sword, carried at the side or in the belt.



1. with a swinging motion of the arm moving to the side of the body at or below shoulder level and nearly parallel to the ground: to pitch sidearm.
2. thrown or performed sidearm.
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Adj.1.sidearm - (of pitches) made with the arm moving parallel to the ground; "a sidearm pitch"
Adv.1.sidearm - in a sidearm manner; "he prefers to throw sidearm"
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[ˈsaɪdɑːrm] narme f de poing
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References in classic literature ?
It was the rattle of sidearms and harness that brought Tara of Helium suddenly about, facing them.
Duterte then said that he's the only Philippine president who gives out sidearms to soldiers, noting how the fight against terrorists goes.
Some officers drew their sidearms. This was usually not an appropriate level of force.
As I understand it, when it came time to upgrade departmental sidearms in Germany and Belgium, the departments were given a choice: send in the old pistols to be replaced one-for-one or order new ones from FN.
I'm surrounded at the Commons by police bristling with machine guns and sidearms. That's fine.
I've seen dude's in Phoenix skate with sidearms holstered.
Indeed, the P6/P225 is not that old, having emerged in the 1980's as one of Europe's most-issued police sidearms. It had a pushbutton magazine release (which earlier P220 models originally lacked), a frame-mounted de-cocker that is the iconic feature of SIG/Sauers, and the rear sight is even replaceable if you want something more modern.
"Police Scotland's Standing Firearms Authority means that there is a chance that members of the public will see a small number of our officers in public places wearing sidearms.
vehicles, the officials added -- apparently referring to personal sidearms that the Pentagon said the Marines left behind because they could not take them on their departing commercial flight.
Unlike almost all new tactical sidearms, the M9 lacks an integrated Picatinny rail for attaching tactical lights and lasers.
In addition to supplying the department with duty sidearms, Smith & Wesson will support the agency with a variety of additional services, including armorers' classes and transitional training for officers.