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1. A small rattlesnake (Crotalus cerastes) of the southwest United States and Mexico that moves by a distinctive lateral looping motion of its body and has a hornlike scaly projection above each eye.
2. A powerful swinging punch delivered from the side.


1. (Animals) a North American rattlesnake, Crotalus cerastes, that moves forwards by a sideways looping motion
2. (Boxing) boxing US a heavy swinging blow from the side
3. (Military) a US air-to-air missile using infrared homing aids in seeking its target


(ˈsaɪdˌwaɪn dər)

1. a punch delivered with a wide swing from the side.
2. a rattlesnake, Crotalus cerastes, of the southwestern U.S. and N Mexico, that moves in sand by raising loops on the body and displacing them sideways.


1. A dirty, crooked scoundrel.
2. A variety of small rattlesnake sometimes known as a horned rattlesnake. Above each eye is a “horn” which is really an extension of the upper eye shield. The name sidewinder comes from its mode of locomotion, which is unique, not only among rattlesnakes, but among all other North American snakes. Sidewinders can travel in the normal manner of all snakes, but when in a hurry, form their bodies into a series of loops, and throw them forward. This approach facilitates its movement over sand and also causes its motion to be oblique to the direction in which its head points and leads to the name sidewinder. As might be imagined, the sidewinder is found only in the dry desert-like Western States. Its method of moving in sand is not, however, unique to the United States. Similar moving snakes are found in Africa and in some of the Arab nations.
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Noun1.Sidewinder - small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United Statessidewinder - small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States; body moves in an s-shaped curve
rattler, rattlesnake - pit viper with horny segments at the end of the tail that rattle when shaken
Crotalus, genus Crotalus - large rattlesnakes; seldom bite unless startled or pursuing prey
2.sidewinder - air-to-air missile with infrared homing device
missile - a rocket carrying a warhead of conventional or nuclear explosives; may be ballistic or directed by remote control


[ˈsaɪdˌwaɪndəʳ] n (snake) → crotalo ceraste
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