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Noun1.Gautama Buddha - founder of BuddhismGautama Buddha - founder of Buddhism; worshipped as a god (c 563-483 BC)
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The body of missing Cafe Coffee day founder-owner VG Sidhartha was found on the banks of Netravati River in Mangaluru on Wednesday morning.
Inviting families to register their teams with Sameer al Mawali (+968 95909414), before December 5, Sidhartha Lenka, head of Marketing and Sales, A'Saffa Foods, said, 'Every year, A'Saffa Foods gets into the 'barbecue spirit' by organizing this weekend competition for amateur kings and queens of the grill who come to participate from all corners of the sultanate.
The case relates to a mortgage taken out by Rose Capital Ventures, one of Mallya's companies, with the 62-year-old businessman, his mother Lalitha and son Sidhartha, listed as having the right of occupancy on the property.
Sidhartha Lenka, head of marketing and sales, said: "Nothing comes close to the recognition and appreciation received from a customer.
Commenting on the award, Sidhartha Lenka, head of marketing and sales, said, "We are delighted to win this prestigious accolade which underscores our exceptional performance in 2017.
by Jessica Stephens and Sidhartha VermaniMore than 300 million people in India lack access to electricity, while in Sub-Saharan Africa, twice that many live without power.
He and their two children - Rithul, aged five, and Sidhartha, aged two - are having their blood tested while the family is confined to their home.
Sidhartha Vahishta, better known as Manu Sharma, is serving a life term in Tihar Jail here for the 1999 murder.
Swagat Panda (1), Sidhartha Sankar Behera (2) and Sadananda Nayak (3)
UBHL also said Vijay Mallya's son Sidhartha ceased to be a director of the company with effect from March 31, 2016.
Sidhartha Lenka, head of marketing and sales, A'Saffa Foods averred, "Initiatives such as 'Let Us Achieve Their Dreams -- 3' is a step towards further engaging and interacting with our consumers -- reiterating to them the brand's pure, natural, and halal brand promise."
We are confident that Fred will continue to build on the solid foundation built by his predecessor, Sidhartha Nair.'