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 (sĭd′rə), Gulf of
An inlet of the Mediterranean Sea off northern Libya west of Benghazi.


(Placename) Gulf of Sidra a wide inlet of the Mediterranean on the N coast of Libya


(ˈsɪd rɑ)

Gulf of, an inlet of the Mediterranean, on the N coast of Libya.
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Not only did her mother Sidra Rashid, now an English teacher at GEMS New Millennium School attend the same school, but her grandmother Ghazala Dhar has been a teacher at the school for 33 years.
Irum Javed emerged as top scorer with 48 runs while Sidra Ameen slammed unbeaten 46 and Sana Taj 32 runs.
Largely organized by the families of the school, this year, the event celebrated the 37 different nations and cultures that are represented at QA Sidra.
Sidra Shah, 24, and her sister Fatima, two years younger, had borrowed huge sums of money from friends to pay for their tuition fees, but they still needed to clear Dh48,500 to appear for their end-year exams.
GCC investors traditionally invest in more mature markets that can weather economic volatility," said Hani Baothman, Vice Chairman of Sidra Capital.
The ISIL attacked the port city from its base in the Bin Jawad which is just 30 kilometers from Sidra.
Mr Dickson always says Sidra has been the best of patients, she has never been afraid and has always been very brave.
4 chuletas de cerdo * 6 cucharadas de aceite de oliva * sal * pimienta * 1 cebolla * 1/2 vaso de sidra * 1 manzana GUARNICION: * 1 manzana grande * 2 cucharadas de mantequilla * 2 cucharadas de azucar * un chorreon de sidra
Mor with a bag and met female accomplice, Sidra, who was the cash teller at the bank.
Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) has awarded the works to complete construction of Sidra Medical and Research Center, to a joint venture between Midmac and Consolidated Contractors Group (Offshore), said a report.
Qatar Foundation has sacked the joint venture partners who were delivering the delayed Sidra Medical and Research Centre project.
BGI-Health, which is a subsidiary sequencing application unit of BGI, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Sidra Medical and Research Centre to bring genomics technology and population studies to Middle Eastern and North African countries (MENA).