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 (sĭd′ər, -o͝or′)
n. pl. sid·du·rim (sĭ-do͝or′ĭm, sĭ′do͝o-rĭm′)
A Jewish prayer book for everyday use.

[Mishnaic Hebrew siddûr, arrangement, from siddēr, to arrange, derived stem of sādar; see sdr in Semitic roots.]
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(siːˈduːr; English ˈsɪdʊə)
n, pl -durim (-duːˈriːm) , -durs
(Judaism) Judaism the Jewish prayer book
[literally: order]
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(ˈsɪd ər, sɪˈdʊər; Heb. siˈdur)

n., pl. sid•du•rim (sɪˈdʊər ɪm; Heb. si duˈrim) sid•durs.
a Jewish prayer book designed for use chiefly on days other than festivals and holy days. Compare mahzor.
[< Hebrew siddūr literally, arrangement]
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A prayer book used in the synagogue and for the chanting of prayers.
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