Siege gun

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a heavy gun for siege operations.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then the big guns came by, and I saw Two Tails and two other elephants harnessed in line to a forty-pounder siege gun, while twenty yoke of oxen walked behind.
I heard a chain dragging along the ground, and a yoke of the great sulky white bullocks that drag the heavy siege guns when the elephants won't go any nearer to the firing, came shouldering along together.
From there we could see the searchlights on Richmond Hill and Kingston Hill going to and fro, and about eleven the windows rattled, and we heard the sound of the huge siege guns that had been put in position there.
Sanchez's third penalty of the night had Argentina ahead again on 35 minutes, before a siege gun penalty from Sexton from the halfway line left it 15-14 at the break.
our the actors across outstanding, the perfect humour horror Besides all the Halloween attractions, visitors can also explore the Great Hall, walk the walls, watch a birds of prey display, see the mighty trebuchet siege gun in action and get lost in the Horrible Histories Maze.
Starting with a visit to Edinburgh Castle, with highlights including the Honours of Scotland, (Scottish Crown Jewels) the Great Hall, the Scottish National War Memorial and the mediaeval siege gun, Mons Megg, the teacher guided tour focussed on the history and geographical setting of this iconic national fortress.
That's not to take away from Johnson's ability to maximise his natural strength, but hopefully the siege gun dominance we're seeing can be countered by revised technology and better course design moving forward.
But Vale's Newport Gwent Dragons full-back Carl Meyer reduced the arrears with a siege gun penalty before another three-pointer by replacement outside-half Lewis Dennett gave the visitors a 14-13 lead with just over 20 minutes to go.
But a stoic defender he is in the Toulon rearguard in their 32-15 bonus point victory in Toulouse on Sunday and also weighing in with 14 points from his siege gun boot helped ease the pressure on under-fire coach Diego Dominguez.
His siege gun left boot launched missiles from 48, 53 and 55 metres, all of which comfortably cleared the crossbar.
Byrne was just sensational under the high ball, reliable in defence, offered a siege gun left boot and was adept at knowing when to join the back-line in attack, timing his forays to perfection and running the most sumptuous angles.
If he pulls the trigger that right foot is like a siege gun.