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n. pl. siemens Abbr. S
A unit of electrical conductance in the International System, equal to one ampere per volt.

[After Ernst Werner von Siemens.]


n, pl siemens
(Units) the derived SI unit of electrical conductance equal to 1 reciprocal ohm. Symbol: S Formerly called: mho


1. (Biography) Ernst Werner von (ɛrnst ˈvɛrnər fɔn). 1816–92, German engineer, inventor, and pioneer in telegraphy. Among his inventions are the self-excited dynamo and an electrolytic refining process
2. (Biography) his brother, Sir William, original name Karl Wilhelm Siemens. 1823–83, British engineer, born in Germany, who invented the open-hearth process for making steel


(ˈsi mənz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the SI unit of electrical conductance, equal to the reciprocal of the ohm and replacing the equivalent MKS unit (mho). Abbr.: S
[1930–35; after W. Siemens]


(ˈsi mənz)

Sir William (Karl Wilhelm Siemens), 1823–83, British inventor, born in Germany.
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Noun1.siemens - a unit of conductance equal to the reciprocal of an ohmsiemens - a unit of conductance equal to the reciprocal of an ohm
conductance unit - a measure of a material's ability to conduct an electrical charge
2.Siemens - engineer who was a brother of Ernst Werner von Siemens and who moved to England (1823-1883)
3.Siemens - German electrical engineer (1816-1892)
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