Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Noun1.Sierra Nevada Mountains - a mountain range in eastern CaliforniaSierra Nevada Mountains - a mountain range in eastern California; contains Mount Whitney
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
Donner Pass - a mountain pass in northeastern California near Lake Tahoe; site where in 1844 some members of an emigrant party survived by eating those who had died
Mount Whitney, Whitney - the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada range in California (14,494 feet high)
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Holland says very cold water feeding the waterfall is moving extremely fast because of snowmelt from record snowfall in the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains.
Marine who has been reported missing in California's Sierra Nevada mountains after his empty car was found late Friday.
At the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enjoy both the sea and the mountains.
Her unit, based in Kern County, usually responds to water rescues in the Kern River or missing hikers in the lower Sierra Nevada mountains, but has been called in to other areas with large-scale disasters.
The report from the Santa Monica, Calif.-based think tank looks at two study areas: the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California and western San Bernardino County in Southern California.
Written by Nancy Leek and illustrated by Steve Ferchaud, "Nancy Kelsey Comes Over the Mountain" is picture book biography tells the true story of Nancy Kelsey, the first American woman to come over the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1841.
HF Holidays,, has a week's guided walking based at the family-run Finca Los Llanos in Capileira on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There is a choice of two guided walks a day or you can walk on your own.
Firefighters managed to contain 5 percent of the Detwiler Fire, which threatened 1,500 structures in tiny foothill communities in the Sierra Nevada mountains, authorities said.
The book describes the ill-fated journey of the Donner Party (also known as the Donner-Reed group) by wagon train from Illinois across Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846-47.
I've walked through fire-devastated forests in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, tens of thousands of acres of once thriving habitat laid to waste.
This work begins to unravel that mystery and show that dust may be shaping this iconic California ecosystem," says Emma Aronson, an assistant professor of plant pathology and microbiology at University of California (UC), Riverside, who along with a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, the University of Wyoming, and UC Merced, analyzed dust samples collected from four locations in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Their findings were published in a recent issue of Nature Communications.

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