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A hound that hunts primarily by sight rather than scent, such as a greyhound or a whippet. Also called gazehound.
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Janet Manley, who owns a sight hound called Hero, said it was so important to herself and other sight hound owners that they had somewhere the dogs could safely be let off the lead due to their high prey drive.
About 54 elegant looking dogs with an athletic build, commonly known as speed hounds or the Ferraris of the sight hound family, hit the track chasing a spring hare like motor powered cloth to the merriment of spectators.
Salukis, named after the Bani Saluk tribe of Yemen, belong to the sight hound family, which hunt by sight rather than smell.
Sight Hound looks the biggest threat as he drops back from a mile-and-aquarter.
LISTOWEL: 2.40 Touch Of Frost, 3.10 Vocal Warm Up, 3.40 Sight Hound, 4.10 Love Letter, 4.40 Prince Jock, 5.10 Laviniad, 5.40 Wicklow Brave.
This study was carried out to determine the distributions of body coat colour and the body measurements of the Turkish Tazi (Sighthound) comparing with some other sight hound breeds from different countries.
Among the seal rings listed in the inventory of Aleksei Mikhailovich's personal property was one of black enamel inset with an oblong ruby on which a sight hound was engraved.
For example, sight hound breeds like the whippet tend not to overeat, while a retriever breed like the Labrador retriever might eat until it pops."
What is the difference between a sight hound and a scent hound?
Visit for information on Pam Houston and her books, including Cowboys Are My Weakness, Sight Hound, and Waltzing the Cat.
One example of a sight hound is the chameleon (kuh-MEEL-yuhn).